Five for Friday and SOOO much more (Freebies)

It's Five for Friday.  One week to go before spring break.  I will survive...

I think!!! 

This week Kindergarten had their PD meeting for a half day.  I really enjoyed this video shared during the session.  The video is entitled Bloom's Taxonomy According to Andy Griffith!

While at the meeting, my kids worked on one of my sub tubs without me (no pictures, boooo!)  I left my Swallowed a Clover tub.  If you are still looking for activities, you can scoop this file up for 1/2 off through the weekend!  I'm linking the blog post with visuals of the activities.  You can link to the store if interested by clicking the image below.  =)  I'm working on completing Swallowed a Chick this weekend. 

Okay, down to Five for Friday business...

1.  RAINBOWS!!!  We've been working on compound words for a few weeks.  We concluded this Monday with a cute craft from Miss Kindergarten Love!  I just love the rainbows!!  My walls are so bight and pretty! 

On Tuesday we 'Tasted the Rainbow' with extended our fun with a graphing and data lesson while 'Tasting the Rainbow'!  This activity came from Erica Bohrer!  I really love the addition of the data piece geared perfectly for my class!!!

2.  St. Patrick's Day!!!  Starting Wednesday we began building background on St. Patrick's Day and Ireland.  We read Gail Gibbons' Book! <---- Love Her with Puffy Hearts! To align with our learning, I used Teaching in High Heels' unit: St. Patrick's Day of Fun.

3.   We've been plugging away at MTSS Centers this past several weeks.  The first image is linked to my St. Patrick's Day centers which are on sale 1/2 off for the weekend.  The following images provides a glimpse at students completing the activities.

This week we tackled Easter Centers.  I've linked the first image to my store and the second provides another example of kids at work!

IF you are new to my blog and store, you might like a sample of the activities I provide for MTSS centers.  Just click the image to download the freebie!

4. Math Mania!!!  Today we dove into non standard measurement with The Teacher Wife's Shamrock Measuring Activities.  Another perfect unit for my kids! 

 I sure wish I had this printable.  This activity was discovered long before Pinterest and possibly TpT.  I only have a hard copy.  Keep an eye out on my Facebook Page, I will upload a freebie copy of the file so that you may enjoy ordering numbers through 20!  This was a transition piece today but enjoyed by all!
5.  TULIPS!!!  If you've followed along for the past Five for Fridays, I've been sharing my Tulips.  A true sign of spring!!!

Hope you have fun-filled "outdoor" weekend!

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Mary Catherine said...

I am so entertained with the link to Bloom's Taxonomy and Andy Griffith! But what a fun way to illustrate it. :) Also . . . gorgeous tulips! And I love the compound word rainbows. How fun. :)

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Great activities!
First Grade Blue SKies

Erica Bohrer said...

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos.

Gladys said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing those fun activities!

T Bell said...

What a fabulous post! I drooled over the tulips for a while... they are my favourite flower but we cannot grow them here in the Australian sub-tropical climate. Boo-hoo. Your class looked so engaged. Well done!

Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten said...

We are still getting snow here! Hoping soon we can see some grass and flowers start to grow!!

Kimberly An
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

cindy winkler said...

Loved the Andy Griffith post. I have never seen it! :)

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

It sounds like you had a great week, love all the activities.

The First Grade Princess

Miss Kindergarten said...

Everything turned out so cute! Your kinders are amazing artists!

~DeAnne~ said...

Everything looks wonderful!! Such a fun filled week!

First Grade and Fabulous