Fun With Persuasive!

This past week I prepared my kiddos with a little elf excitement.  I introduced the Elf on the Shelf with the video An Elf's Story.  This twenty minute holiday classic introduces the concept of the Elf.  

You can link to Amazon for more information.  I purchased mine at the Hallmark store last year.

To add a little more excitement, we have a motion detector in the classroom.  I explained that Santa and his elves are working around the clock.  At times, Santa is too busy to take a peek into the classroom so he has lots of elves watching over each of us!  When the motion detector changes from green (elves) to red (Santa), you can hear the silent shrieks.  LOL!

Currently, we are in the middle of persuasive writing.  I decided to have the kids write Santa and persuade the Jolly Ole' Man to send an elf to Classroom 113. We mailed the letters to the North Pole on Wednesday and received a treasured letter and poinsettia from Saint Nick on Friday

The kids were over-the-moon when they caught glimpse of Shelby!  

I found the pattern for the Elf on Pinterest.  You can link {here} for my pin board with TONS of elf ideas!  The letter writing paper to Santa is pinned on my Christmas board {here}.  

Oh.boy! We've been on a persuasive kick.  The scholastic magazines are rolling in faster than I can keep up with this month: Firefly, Seesaw, and Holiday Favorites.  When I passed out student book orders from  November, I had lots of sad eyes.  I decided to have the kids persuade their parents to purchase a book from the December forms.  Each student was given a catalog page to circle three books. At this point in our genre study, the kids are aware of meaningful reasons.  One darling said, "Books help me become smarter so I can make us lots of money one day."  How can you argue with that?!?

"Could you buy me a book please?  I will clean up the room.  I am helpful!" 

With all the holiday excitement, my kids and I were noticing the beautiful fall leaves.  Here in Florida we experience seasonal changes very late in the year.  Last year, winter forgot to visit the Sunshine State.  With each change of the season, I take the kids outside to the same tree to take pictures.  Today, I captured the kids having some December Fall Fun!  

~Happy Teaching~

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Julie Marciniak said...

Oh, how I would love your weather in December! I am from Ohio and it is currently 35 degrees! BRRR!
Thanks so much for sharing your ELF on the Shelf ideas. I am new to the unit this year and looking forward to the Elf's first appearance on Monday!
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