Sweet units, freebies, and coupon code!

I'm obsessed with shopping on TpT.  During Back to School, I scooped up a copy of Deedee's Overhead Stations.  She has offered several ways to interact with this set through technology: document camera, Smartboard, overhead, or plain paper and pencil.  I heart!!!

I decided to print out the set and place in sheet protectors.  I broke the set into three levels and early finisher work.  The kids are able to choose what they feel is appropriate for themselves.  Simple letter practice, building words, and building sentences.  

Check out her post here!  Without hesitation, I picked up her 2nd Quarter Overhead Stations during this sale.  Here's a link to her newest stations!  

Each year my class "Explores New Waters" during the holidays.  We travel to different countries, learning about landforms, seasons, and traditions.  Our travels take at least a week of exploring! I decided to update my lessons this year to include Rachelle's Holidays Around the World Pack.  This files is very informative with wonderful book suggestions, links, and activities for each country!  Huge plus for me.

Sarah from First Grader at Last has an amazing tens frame product.  I just love her clipart.  Yes, she creates her own clipart too!  She is a fantastic friend with a creative mind!  Have you seen her classroom?  It belongs in a magazine!  To snoop through her first grade classroom pictures, link here.  To see her latest clipart collection, link here!  View a cool idea for turning placemats into tens frames, link here. AND to scoop up a copy of her tens frame centers, click the image below!

Sarah also has a freebie supplemental scrapbook for her own Christmas Around the World.  Click here!

Have you noticed my new blog design?  Alicia at Dreamlike Magic made my dreams come true.  A new design for a new direction with my blog.  I'm sad to let the old design go but excited about my new journeys.  I will be under construction for a little bit as I get things up and going! 

Alicia made my blog transformation in a snap.  Her options are easy to choose between, her colors are fun and vibrant.  Her service is spectacular!  Annnnnnd, she is offering a 15% discount for all followers that shop at her etsy shop of website!  The coupon code is PrimaryGraffiti.  I encourage you to visit, browse, and take advantage of this SWEET deal! 

That's all my darling friends!  =D


Mrs. Shelton said...

I love your new blog design! :) I love Dreamlike too. I finally got new made to match buttons with her Black Friday deal! :) I almost got a new blog design but didn't! I also love Deedee's overhead stations!

Michelle said...

Love the new look! :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thank you Mrs. Shelton! I missed the Black Friday Deal by a day. Her service is worth every penny spent!

Michelle, Thanks!!! Alicia is a talented lady!

Barbara said...

It's beautiful!

Deedee Wills said...

Your blog is beautiful!!! Love! It!

Thank you for your shout out!!!! You are always so sweet my friend!

Sandra said...

Love the new blog design!! :)
Sweet Times in First

Kristen said...

Hey Cheryl! I love your bright new look and the idea for the catalog pages is great! Happy Holidays!!!

Sarah Cooley said...

Cheryl! Thanks so much! You are just precious, and this post made my day! :)

Gladys said...

Love the new blog design! :)

Anonymous said...

Creating clip arts for educational tools is great. She seems good at it. Does she offer her crafts internationally?