Featured on Safe and Civil Schools!

Oh Man, today has been a doozy of a day!  I woke up this AM to an interesting email in my inbox.  This message was from...

       ...Randy Sprick and the Safe and Civil Schools Newsletter!

This past year I wrote an article about CHAMPs and it's Positive, Proactive Approach to Behavior Management.  A year later, it's linked in the Safe and Civil Schools Newsletter.  Say What?!?  

I was contacted by a representative that said Mr. Sprick read the article himself. I'm over-the-moon.  Within this school day, I've had some interesting opportunities.  I'll keep you posted as I'm updated.

Check out the Randy Sprick's newsletter here!

Here's my current display of CHAMPs charts.  I display on a project board because I have several meeting areas.  After using the charts on my board for several months, I'd would use one clip instead of two. I really like the clips better than magnets on the board.  I'm thinking about hanging them on rings next year.  

If you love the charts, you can link to my store by clicking the image above! 


Miss Squirrels said...

very cool indeed!

Tanya Solano said...

Way to go girl! I just read the article you wrote, and plan on sharing it today at our primary department meeting!
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

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Chris Westerfield said...

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