Short Term Motivation FREEBIE!

We all have students that can be very busy!  I haven't thought to share this until a friends inquired about short term reinforcement for behavior management.  After working with a district behaviorist, I came up with a sheet that I felt could best motivate a student with specific goals and short term rewards.

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Stephanie said...

TRUE STORY!! I have a few kiddos in my class this year who need some individualized goal setting/plan. So do you set 3 different goals for each area of the same 3 goals throughout? Or is this just the sheet you use to track the goals you set with them? Either way, love that you're sharing something that my brain has been mulling over all week!!

❤ -Stephanie
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Mrs. Saoud said...

I've used a similar plan for a child that could receive any three checks before receiving the small prize. BUT the behaviorist and I discussed that one of the three behaviors listed (hands, voice, and seat) are achievable for must students. This allows the student to feel some success during each subject. The end goal would be to build to the entire day. =)


Cher Harrison said...

So cute! Thank you, Cheryl! :)

Stephanie said...

That makes sense, baby steps. I have the *perfect* kid for this! THANKS agian:)