Columbus Day Activity and DonorsChoose Match Code!

There's no place like home!  Can you hear me clicking my ruby reds?  Today has been a stinker and I couldn't be happier to put food in my body and pull my feet up EVEN if I only have an hour left in me!  

I wanted to share a cute unit I used today for Columbus Day. I used Mary Lirette's Columbus Day Unit {link} to introduce vocabulary.  We read In 1492 {link}by Jean Marzollo.  We've been working on the strategy of compare and contrast.  This was fun!  Kids can say the funniest things.  =D  This book is filled with rhyming words and the kids shared every one of them! Following the comparisons, we created the cute pictures below.  You can find the templates in Mary's unit.  We concluded the day with a free Brainpopjr {link} video on Columbus. 

Today began the Friends and Family campaign.  If you make a donation to any DC project and put in a match code of PUMPKIN, the project's donation will be matched up to 1,000 dollars.  Yay!  If today would have gone like planned, I would have set up a linky party for DC projects.  Sorry!  

Here's my DC project.  

I have 15 days remaining because I'm a dummy! I left the old project linked on my sidebar without realizing it!  Grrrr!   If you work for a company that's looking to fund projects, spread the word about the DC campaign.  AND if you have a project, link in my comments below!

Good Night Sweet Friends!


Mary Lirette said...

Your Columbus art projects turned out soo cute! Thanks for the shout out! :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thanks for making it easy for me! I had it cut and prepared in no time. The kids arranged and BAM! My walls are now decorated. =D

Crayons and Whimsy said...

I love that Columbus Day project! Thanks for the Brainpopjr link- I will be showing that tomorrow as a follow up!

I have a Donors Choose project too! Although my title is not nearly as clever as yours! Good luck!

Crayons and Whimsy

Julie said...

Great project. I love BrainPopJr.
Here is the link to my donors choose project:

Tammy said...

Cute project! Here is a link for my DC project. Thanks for posting!! 'Pumpkin' doubles your impact!

I'm also a Sonic teacher and they are doing their limeades for learning campaign right now! Please vote for my project! Thanks for your help and thanks to everyone who votes for supporting teachers!!