Daily 5: Chapter 4

This chapter began with understanding three ways to read a book.  This lesson is broken into two days: two ways to read a book (day 1) and retelling (day 2).  

To assist, I created posters for Read to Self.  As you may recall from my post on chapter one, my theme for the school year will be superheroes.  I wanted to create the center/work station poster to fit the theme. 

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I like that the sister practiced read to self with 3 minutes to allow students the feeling of success.  When I meet my goals, I create new goals.  Why shouldn't this sense of accomplishment be the same for a students' reading success!?!

The discussion check points are the key to a successful implementation of Daily 5.  Building a sense of right and wrong through demonstrations and I-chart.  You may recall the download on my post for chapter two which has suggestions for charting behaviors and graphics that can be used to enhance your anchor chart.

Lory, Lindsey, Anna, and I will be back on Monday with post for chapters 5 and 6.


Mrs D said...

This is great! thanks for sharing.

Reading with Mrs. D
Endless Pinabilities

learningmyself said...

thank you so much~!!! :)

rspeer said...

Thanks so much for sharing your great resources. Our
principal let us know yesterday that our school theme for the
year is Super Heroes as well. Could you please share any
ideas that you run across? I am on a super hero hunt for the
next month. Thanks again!