Daily 5: Chapter 3

This chapter covers key materials, concepts, and routines.  If you missed my post for chapter 2, you'll want to link here.  I included a large freebie on how teachers in my district establish routines through anchor lessons.  

It surprises me to see the amount of elementary classrooms I've visited over the past several years that do not bring students to the floor for whole group instruction. I've often wondered why?!?  No matter the age of the child, a gathering place is essential.  The movement allows oxygen flow to the brain.  The space provides a safe, distraction free place to learn and communicate. 

This past summer I read Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer.  If you haven't had a chance to read this book, it will inspire you to learn more about your students decisions, empower kids to love reading, and give you the confidence to make appropriate book recommendations for various readers!  I created a kid friendly student interest survey to get to know my kids better.  Now that I'm heading to Kinder, I'll be sending this survey home.  Grab your free copy here.

Although it's important to understand students' interest to empower them to read more, the goal of Daily 5 would be to guide students to make decisions independently.  The sisters have developed an idea for Good Fit Books.  I've translated their idea into a kid friendly poster for you!

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(Option One available for iPod fun)

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(Option Two available for Shoe Lesson)

In the shoe comparison, the sisters discuss choosing different shoes to share with the kids.  Cleats, High Heels, Tennis Shoes, etc.  When displaying the heels, I may ask if these shoes would be a "good fit" for playing tennis.  The purpose of this lesson would be to guide students in understanding their is a purpose for choosing a "good fit" book. As the lesson develops, a large pair of men shoes are pulled out and placed on the teacher's feet.  This should lend itself to book s that are too hard to read and that we don't understand. 

As kids begin to understand the concept of I PICK, have them model in front of their peers.  This will help students understand how to choose a good fit book.  Revisit this concept throughout the year to help children avoid wandering aimlessly during their independent work. 


Stephani Brantley said...

I love the shoe lesson! I have used it during my anchor lessons and my students loved this fun activity! It really makes the concept of picking "good fit" books concrete for them. :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hey Stephani! I know you are busy this coming week with the schedules but we need to do lunch ASAP!!!


Room 114 said...

I'm new to the Daily 5 and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing so much valuable info!


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