Digital Retelling: Response to Literature

Have you ever youtube classic stories: Eric Carle or Bill Martin?  Watching and listening to the books read became an inspiration for our retelling.

Students selected a book and cozy spot to read.  I gave kiddos a few days to read their books both independently and with a buddy.  Partners will play an important role during our writing process and need to know what is happening in the story.

The kids covered the words to their books and used the pictures to inspire their retelling.  Each student has a rubric on hand and worked hard to add a little spice to their writing.  Once the words were complete, my kids returned the book and begin illustrating based on their own retelling. 

Before publishing digitally, partners met again to edit writing and help with their fluency.  The kids and I met in our reading room while others were conferencing or polishing their illustrations. I used a FLIP camera (which are no longer being produced, SNIFF) and recorded each page with a second delay before pausing to flip the paper.  In a span of 10 minutes, we had a video filmed, edited, and published.

Here's a copy of the paper used...
Journal Paper

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Anonymous said...

What a great project! What rubric did you use? Thanks for sharing!