Digital Retelling: Response to Literature

Yesterday I posted a few videos for our Response to Literature genre.  We've worked for two weeks  to plan, write, edit, and film our digital retelling.  Using the FLIP has made digital storytelling a breeze.  I record between 4-20 seconds for each page of the student's response.  The filming goes by very quickly.  Editing is complete in a blink; However, when you film your entire class in 24 hours, you will have more editing than you can keep up with.  :)  I currently have 202 video clips, averaging around 18-22  for each student remaining.  Needless to say, I am posting videos over the next few days so that all parents can locate and watch through the Digital Storytelling label.

I am posting the rubric used for our retelling and a color code sheet for posting our writing in the hallway.  Hope you find it useful. 

Response Rubric

Writing Color Coding


Kristen said...

Hi Cheryl, These videos are awesome, your students did an excellent job!!

I love the rubric and was curious about the color coding sheet for writing...could you explain a bit more about it (what the numbers/colors represent)? Whenever you get the chance, I know you're busy! :)

First Grade Best said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing! We work a lot on retelling as we use the DRA assessments and I have not used my Flip camera much this year! I am now beginning to think about a few ideas for next week! Thank you for sharing your rubrics!
Thanks again,

Kelley said...

Cheryl, can you share what program you edit in? I have a flip and I know how to record and upload videos but I love the fade in between each illustration. I have a mac and was thinking maybe you used garage band or imovie?

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