Seeds, Plants and Flowers.. Oh MY!

I'm thrilled to share a new resource for you.  My kids dove into this week long learning cycle and walked away with a strong understanding of seeds, plants and flowers.

I started each day with a KWL, if provided. The kids created their own sentences and shared with the class while I charted their response. Then, I introduce the topic of the day with a short Brainpop Jr video or with a book. After, we hit key vocabulary, developing our understanding of the topic. We followed up with a task for each lesson. On day two, take the time and really model the plant needs craft. It will be the one that needs redirection when cutting between the petals. My first graders completed the task independently. The following day, we began with what we learned from the previous day, completing the L in our KWL.   

If you loved what you see, you can link with the cover image to download the file on TpT.

Image Map


Ginger Teacher said...

This looks really fun.

Plant units are always great ways to get the kids hands on with science.

Great post :)

graciegirl said...

Thanks for creating what looks like a fun and engaging unit! My homeschool co-op will love this! Going to purchase it right now! :)

The Kindergarten Explorer said...

So sad to be finding this just as we're wrapping up our unit on plants! Pinning for next year!


Mrs. Taboas Teacher Talk said...

I love how you incorporated visual vocabulary cards with the key vocabulary and great pictures. This is a great resource for my ELL students to help support their comprehension.

I plan to use this in next week's lesson. LOVE it!!!