Pumpkin Books

I'm super excited to bring you my newest unit.  It's packed full and sure to support a variety of learning lessons this fall.  Did you buy the Target Pumpkin Books? For a limited time, this file will remain free due to the already high price of buying the books. However, the books are no longer available in store so once the season ends, a price will be added to the unit.  After the price is applied, the unit will remain in your free downloads (only if you download during the free month). Additionally, the unit will show "owned" when browsing my store.  

See the picture post below for more details...

This will remain a freebie throughout the 2016 fall season. Grab your copy today!

Looking for additional fall resources?

Links to each unit embedded in the cover images.
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graciegirl said...

This is SO very much appreciated! Happy pumpkin picking!!! :)

Hotel Island Star Groups said...
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