Erin Condren Planner Review

As the school year comes to a close, summer planning begins.  This is a time where I purge, refine and plan for new beginnings.  Nothing elicits more excitement then a beautifully shipped box of goodies.  Everything about the presentation was stunning....

Yes, this gal is excited about a planner and I'm smitten with the designs this year.  For those required to plan online, I get it.  I worked in a district for nearly a decade that required it too.  GAH, I hated it! Technology is remarkable until it's unavailable. My plans are a quick map of my week with standards, resources, pages, ect. so not having access to them makes for a run around.

The first few pages provides the teacher the background information for their school year. The pages pictured below give a few examples of what to expect in your teacher planner...

One of my favorite add ons from the last time I had a Erin Condren Teacher Planner are the Date Dot Stickers.  If there was a teacher training for handwriting, I would sitting front in center. Hello, my name is Cheryl and I'm OCD. Having the Date Dot Stickers helps eliminate my planner anxiety! 

Towards the back of the planner you will receive planner stickers.  There are plenty of options to meet your labeling needs for the year.  I also like having the blank sheets for the unknown, I just need my teacher partner with the perfect bubbly font to write as we chat and eat lunch together.  

Although it's not pictured, the entire planner is tabbed. Just beyond the teacher organization and monthly calendars, you will have a tab for the lesson planner.  The planner pages have the days of the week: Monday through Friday down the left column.  The planner is two pages.  At the top of the page, there is place for subject and time.  Under the day of the week is a place to record the date and what I use for the standards.  This could be used for a variety of different notations. 

The final tab includes pages for student checklist. A dotted line is provided to fold and cut to eliminate writing students names on each page.  

I'm also smitten with the inspirational quotes placed throughout the planner.  Erin Condren has selected to feature the quotes on chalkboard papers that will amazing in frames once the year is up!  

The fun design featured in the background of the following image happens to be several pockets featured beyond the checklist pages.  I love having a way to store additional notes.  There's also a clear pocket sheet protector perfect for my daily schedule and special rotations.  Don't you just love the new color tones of the rollerball pens? 

The 'plan for it pouch' can move around your planner to meet your needs.  Having a place to store my pens is a bonus!  I use the movable ruler as a book mark for my calendar pages. 

Additional new items are available this year.  The 'carry all case' is a fashionable and functional material that zips up and perfect for protecting your planning essentials.  It coordinates with the teacher planner.  

Erin Condren gave me this planner for review.  The pictures and opinions are my own.  If you're interested in an Erin Condren planner, click the image below to access $10 off of your order. There are many customizable options available.  Save here.

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Becca Sadler said...

Thanks for reviewing this planner product! I loved many of the features that you highlighted. Having day stickers allows Erin Condren to keep the basic planner usable for years without having to update the calendar section (or cost customers extra money to buy a whole planner); at least I'm thinking and hoping customers can just buy refills of sections that are needed...

I, too, have administrators pushing for online planners like Planbook, but the hands-on learner in me likes to still have my books and binders.

kparks said...

You cannot refill any part of the planner--but it is a well made product!

Chen Alan said...

Pretty good......

Unknown said...

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