A Fine St Patrick's Day {Book Companion}

Good Evening and Happy March!  It feels like forever since I last posted here on my blog.  If you aren't up to speed with me, you should check out my social feeds.  I post daily on Instagram. My posts are usually 70% classroom and products, 30% personal.  My Twitter feed usually has links to remarkable articles in education. I like finding new and interesting research to develop me professionally.  My Facebook Fan Page is probably the most frustrating due to analytics.  However, I post fun giveaways, feature products, share other cool happenings from blogs I've connected with and occasionally link feel-good stories that are the buzz share of the moment.  

I'm thrilled to share a fun MINI Book Companion for St. Patrick's Day.  This companion is perfect to help build background knowledge and support learning happening in your classroom.  I decided to make this companion a bit smaller than my other companions since it a holiday that typically falls in the mix of a busy season and time is limited.  I personally prefer to spend more time on science than leprechauns; However, this story is truly amazing.  It's a fable with a great message!  

I sent home Reagan Tunstall's Rainbow Namebow project this past week.  I just might have built excitement for this upcoming week by explaining St. Patrick's Day was around the corner and we were planning to do lots of Steve Spangler Leprechaun Science. Additionally, we are also going to work on STEAM activities, building traps for a Leprechaun.  One of my darlings got VERY excited with the thought of hanging a rainbow above their desk for the Leprechaun to travel over! Teaching 1st is sooo much fun!  I was pleasantly surprised when all Rainbow Namebow acrostic poems returned the following day.  I couldn't help but giggle at some of the adjectives used to describe the kids.  OH MY!

This coming week I will feature a BRAND new story published last month, How to Catch a Leprechaun.  The rhyming story shares an adventure of a very elusive Leprechaun and all the various traps he manages to escape from.  He encourages young engineers to design the perfect trap. Game on!  My students are ready for the challenge! 

In addition to this story, we will be diving into A Fine Day for St. Patrick's Day in which the book companion was created to support!  With a high number of ELL students, I packed this companion with new vocabulary for better understanding of this adorable text!

Wishing you magical memories with your students!

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