Whimsy Word Wall and Dictionary!

I'm transitioning from a PC to a Mac after my Lenovo bit the dust this summer.  It's painful learning when you are up against a clock.  As the minutes beat away at summer, I'm feverishly working to get things created for my own school year.  

I created a little whimsical word wall and dictionary for my classroom.  All images are short vowels and nearly 90% are cvc.  This product is perfect for K/1 but will remain listed for 2nd because we've all had that group of students in need of support.  

Link to file in cover image!

The cards include:

Aa-apple, Bb-bus, Cc-cat, Dd-dog, Ee-egg, Ff-fox, Gg-gift, Hh-hat, Ii-igloo, Jj-jar, Kk-kiss, L-leg, Mm-map, Nn-net, Oo-octopus, Pp-pig, Qq-queen, Rr-rug, Ss-sun, Tt-tub, Uu-umbrella, Vv-vet, Ww-web, Yy-yo/yo, Zz-zip.

Here are previews:

The editable word cards allow you customize words!

I'm feeling accomplished this evening!

Don't forget to grab my Math Nameplates Freebie.  I used the same alphabet for both files to provide continuity between resources in class.

Image Map

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Betsy Brown said...

Love the alphabet set. I look forward to turning it into a classbook, as well as the wall display. Thank you for sharing your talents and love of learning.