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Hi Teacher Friends!  Yesterday was my first day back from summer break and I'm slap tired!  I'm popping in to share a Back to School gift idea and Inspirational Poster.

The inspiration...
Have you ever stood in the Back to School section and listen to parents and their children shop the school supplies? It's a comedy act.  Parents sifting through needs and wants, students passionate about the possibilities! The isles are buzzing. I seemed to be dancing between bodies as I maneuver through the folders and composition pads.  And then suddenly, I hear a voice in the distance.  This child was most certainly having their horrible, no good, very bad day!  It was in that moment I'm reminded of those challenging days...

Click to download the poster!
KG Fonts, Hidesy's Clipart

Teachers are gonna shop...
At this point of the year, I visit Walmart and Target stores several times a week.  I'm determined to find the best deals, looking for new trends, and hit the seasonal department for the latest and greatest. This trip sends me on a search for plastic ice boxes for my science library. Knowing home goods are just beyond the foliage, I park at the garden center. I'm hardly one step across the threshold when I spot an end cap with monogram, plastic cups in all colors and designs. Having been two days earlier and recalling the little upset "Alexander", I decided CRA-Z Art markers were a perfect little addition to the cups.  Why not? Teachers are just beginning to think about our new masterpiece!  

Click to download the tags!
KG Fonts, Hidesy's Clipart

The markers and cups cost $1.50 per person!

 Keep painting!

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Tchur8 said...

What a great idea! Tried d/l both poster and tags...but the link wasn't there...just thought you'd want to know.

Becca Sadler said...

Motivational! Thanks! Best wishes as you begin another school year!

Jan said...

Beautiful poster and ideas- thanks for sharing:-)