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Time is fleeting, precious and irreversible!  Get organized in 2015-2016 with The Teacher Anchor created by Chandra from C. Jayne TeachHer yearly classroom planner is dedicated to making each day count!

There is something magical about a blank calendar or plan book.  The possibilities are endless.  I'd anticipated this perfectly polka dotted, organization tool since researching The Teacher Anchor several months ago.
Upon opening the package, I scampered over to the computer.  With fluttering excitement, rare and short lived during this time of the year, I was suddenly embraced with hope for next year. 

I was eager to make it official!  Within pen to paper, I created perfectly poised doodles and practice my best font formations as I filled in ownership basics like teacher and school information.
I felt the urgency to fill the planner full as I flipped through each page oo'ing and aw'ing. 
The first few pages included parent contact information, volunteer schedule, communication log, birthday planner, account logs, favorite websites, and yearly at a glance calendar.  The placement is key!  Most planners put this in the back.  The Teacher Planner has the information upfront and readily available!
This planner has sections divided by red inserts.  Each insert has a title and helpful tips for the section. 

The first section includes a monthly planner.  My wheels were spinning upon first glance!  Chandra included a  yearly planner that is Simply Brilliant!  The yearly planner is designed to record the progression of common core and state standards.  Planning can be daunting so crossing off this task will break up the planning. I'm confident, the specifics will fall into place!
Have I inspired you to reach for the stars?  If not, stay with me!  There is so much more to learn about The Teacher Anchor

Remember my eagerness to plan?  The monthly planner has been updated with all the important district dates for next school year. Check one for planning prep!

Along with district dates, I will use the calendar planner to order and organize my monthly themes.  There are several pages of notes preceding the calendar each month.  This will be a perfect spot to map out needs and wants when implementing each theme! 
Remember the red inserts?  Section two has a weekly planner.  Pretty standard section for a plan book; However, I've never had a plan book that included the weekly standards and big ideas across the top of the page.  Well done!  Another placement that I find key for planning was a notes off to the side of days.  Normally this might fall at the bottom where I, all too often, overlook.
Section three includes a grade book so let's fast forward to sections I really find useful!
Section four includes the sprinkles on top!  Seriously!  This section includes master copies for progress monitoring and data collection.  The templates a crisp and clean!  You'll receive pre-post test class checklist by standard or skill, common core or state standard class checklist with a place to date attempts and mastery, small group schedule for planning interventions, multiple pages to successfully implement guided reading with documentation, a slamming small group conferencing form, an individual conference form, a sight word tracker for each season, running records, substitute notes and a parent-teacher meeting notes.  Score one for organization, right?!?
I prefer printing over copying so I have to let you know you'll need to take your planner to the copier for multiple uses!
The fifth and final section is the CHERRY on top!  Having the common core standards checklist, with places to record for mastery, made me a happy teacher. 
Something unique to The Teacher Anchor is a professional development log.  A place to record date, type of PD, and hours logged.  Say What?!?  Keeping track has never been so easy!  Following, you have pages of professional development notes, regular notes, and grid paper to finalize the planner.

Each year The Teacher Anchor gets better and better. Here's what's new with the updated 2015-2016 plan book:

- New design on the front cover featuring pretty silver polka dots.
-Sturdier cover made of synthetic plastic which is virtually indestructable.
- Quicker shipping options (no pre-orders, planners will ship within 3-5 business days).
-Binder shell (not pictured) now comes in 12 different color choices.
-Student Data Sheet Pages inserted inside the planner.
-New dividers to help separate each section.
-No 3 hole punch.
Please see more specifics with Chandra's video! 
I hope you are having a perfect appreciation week!

 I prepare a little gift for my team and wanted to share since it was a hit!  I hope you find the tags useful as you appreciate educators this week!  Grab a copy of my tags here!

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In addition to her Teacher Anchor, I am in love with Chandra's other products. They are so beautiful!
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