Phonics Word Work {ou and ow} and Growing Bundle

My class have been working on vowel pairs this past couple of weeks.  What I love about these centers are the ability to introduce new words without the loss of time teaching the centers.  I've been out of school for more than a week with the flu.  My kids didn't skip a beat and I didn't have to worry about the phonics centers. 
I run phonics centers different from literacy and math.  Since we're all working on the rule for the week, I leave students working in their seat groupings.  I have five teams so five centers.  While students are working on centers, I'm pulling small phonics groups which is where differentiation happens.  To save on paper, my kids respond in their journals while interacting all centers.  Once we complete our 15 minutes, centers rotate in a clockwise direction each day.  Simple and effective. 
This packet provides students with practice with ou, ow vowel pairs through interactive journal pages, centers, and no prep response pages.
The interactive journal page has two assessment options. The first option assesses students on words found inside the phonics word work packet. The second assessment option provides practice with additional words that follow the spelling pattern.

Word cards with matching pictures can be used during whole group instruction for introducing the vowel pair or placed in a pocket chart center.
Also provided are three additional centers for added practice. Students will have an opportunity to build {making words}, match {puzzles}, and form {playdoh} all words featured in the keywords below.

In addition to the centers, you will find two no prep games created on half pages to fit perfectly in student journals.

ou: flour, loud, out, pound, snout, south
ow: bow, crowd, down, growl, howl, shower

Also available is a growing bundle of the units.  As new phonics centers are added the price goes up!

The Growing bundle...

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