The Polar Express {A Book Companion}

Does it seem like November blows through in a blink?  With only 10 days of school remaining this month for me, I've begun to prepare for December with a book companion for The Polar Express!
Captivate students with winter themed fun while meeting learning standards! This 71 page packet is packed full of excitement. What's included...

A heavy dose of story vocabulary will assist language learners with words such as rustle, conductor, peak, plain, barren, North Pole, factory, sleigh, prance, roar.

Provided are several options for recording vocabulary words. Option one includes a vocabulary book with clipart images. Option two includes blank vocabulary response pages.
Reread the story throughout the week using my prepared interactive skills pages. Included are essential questions, flip flaps for note taking, and a student page for informal assessment. Each of the above options are provided for metaphors, similes, timelines, and sequencing.
Build background knowledge of trains with a KWL and Can, Have, and Are Map.

You'll find engaging comprehension response sheets for compare/contrast, cause/effect, story maps, and plot.
Use adjectives to describe three main character from The Polar Express  Characters include the boy, conductor, and Santa.

Newly added are writing options for narrative, persuasive, and functional (how-to) writing.  Each option of paper has a picture word list to assist children in their stories.  Also provided are different paper options for developing writers.
Engage students while reading by interacting with retelling props.  Bring the story to life by simply gluing pieces to a tongue depressor.

Lastly, you'll find an developing reader to provide students with fluency practice using both sight words and vocabulary! Little Boy, Little Boy What Do You See? is sure to captivate students!

If you are interested in this unit, you can access the unit with a link in the first image or the image below.


Positively Learning said...

I ♥ everything about this - it immediately went on my wishlist! Thank you :)

Kelly McFarland said...

Agreed! This looks like such an awesome set and who doesn't love this holiday story? I must go and check it out. Thanks for sharing :)

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Lory's Page said...

Looks fabulous Cheryl!!! xo