Mouse Shapes {Shape Attribute Lessons}

This week, math officially became the most treasured time of the day.  Oh my, the "power" of learning when kids are excited!  Through our weekly explorations, my kids created interactive shape books with activities to house the work from this entire week.
For those that are unfamiliar with Mouse Shapes, it's about three mice that find themselves running from a cat the entire story.  In an attempt to hide, the torn paper mice find a pile of shapes. With synergy, the mice construct different objects using the shapes.  After the cat pounces, the mice develop a plan to scare the cat away.  This story is an enchanting way to review shapes and introduce composing.  I purchased my book with felt retelling props from  All the felt pieces are simply irresistible. 


Do you see why my kids are enchanted with the props?  The props perfectly align with the book and allow the kids to visualize how to compose shapes. 

There are so many resources made available for shapes.  At the end of the post, I will link a few freebies and activities I used this week.  For now, here's a glimpse into my week...

The following images are previews from the unit I created to support our learning. 

Click the image to purchase Mouse Shape felt set.

The following file is available in the Mouse Shape Unit.  I'm also providing this portion as a freebie file so that your kids may manipulate the story.

Click the image to purchase Five Busy Shapes felt set.

On Wednesday, I used Anna Brantley's Guess My Rule Freebie for a partner work-time assignment.  She has a few freebies for attributes in her blog post.  Click image below to link.

On Friday, I used Katie Mense's Drawing Shapes unit.  I displayed the various pages for guided drawing of shape formations.  After, we worked on creating shape books, extending our lesson into writer's workshop.

Here is a sample of one book...

A few fun freebies to align with Mouse Shapes include Mouse Shape Retelling Props at Read Rabbit Read.

Learn colors and the result of mixing them with a freebie unit to align with Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  This file is available from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Kathy Law has terrific games and freebies for Mouse Count, Mouse, Shapes, and Mouse Paint.  Her blog post for Mouse Count is jammed pack full of freebies to snag.!)

A few activities of Kathy Law that I plan to use in centers this week include Roll a Shape freebie and Mouse Shapes game. 

To extend on our attributes lessons from last week, I will open each day with shape songs. 
Shapes Song
(Tune: 'Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush')
Author: Unknown
This is a (square) as you can see.
It has (4 sides all the same).
This is a (square) as you can see.
Now draw it in the air with me!
Other verses:
Rectangle: 2 short sides and 2 long
Circle:  goes around without an end
Triangle: 3 corners and 3 sides
Oval: goes around, but is squished in
Another center for this week will be to create shape collages as inspired by Miss Renee's Kindergarten Pad

Prior to shape collages, I will begin my instruction with the book, When a Line Bends... A Shape Ends.  Click the book image to link to several freebies I shared a few years ago.


Bridget S said...

ADORABLE!!! I can see why your students love it :)

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Kristin Young said...

Wow!!! So many good shape ideas I had to pin this for future reference. Thanks for the freebies and wonderful activities! :)

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