The Watermelon Seed

I'm thrilled to be linking up again with Deanna Jump for Book Talk Tuesday and couldn't be more excited to share another fabulous find from the exhibitor hall in Vegas.

When I stumbled across The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli, a 2014 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winning Book, I was captivated.  The whimsical illustrations show an adorable lime green crocodile with a passion for watermelon.  This story has a simple text with fabulous features perfect for a close reading in grades K-2!

I can remember hot summer gatherings at the community pool with my friends and family.  My mom slicing the watermelon wedges for all to enjoy.  Biting into the fruit and laughing as the juices dribbled down my chin.  And then the sudden fear that I swallowed a seed.  Oh dear, the stories my friends would tell...  We were certain that a watermelon vine would grow a patch in our bellies. Can you relate?  
Certainly the main character, a watermelon-loving crocodile can!  After becoming distraught because of swallowing a seed, the crocodile believes it will grow inside of him.  The story is told straight-forward with accessible vocabulary and takes a peek at a childhood fear.

The simple script captivates readers through humor!  It's text and storyline couldn't be more perfect for props, puppets, or retelling skits. 
Integrate onomatopoeia with words such as chomp, slurp, gulp, grumble, and burp.
This is a wonderful book to discuss emotions such as love, like, fear, anxiety, despair, and relief. 
 Top off your lessons with a bit of science and learn about the life cycle of a watermelon seed.

Finally, draw students in with an outstandingly clever end using a watermelon seed to bring the story to life! 
Will the crocodile grow his own patch?  Will he have a love or fear of watermelon?  I encourage you to pick up this enchanting tale and explore the words and pictures through close reading with your students. 
 Here's a trailer preview...
I can't express how much I love Artfelt. I purchased this adorable book and coordinating felt pieces so that I could animate the words and actions of this charming story.  I love that my students will have the ability to reenact the words during literacy centers with high engagement.  I sure hope you find this collection as loveable as I do!

Have you visited Artfelt on Youtube?  One of my favorite videos from their channel is "Make a Rainbow".  Check it out! 


Amber O. said...

Okay, when you posted about "Bean Thirteen", I immediately ordered it...mostly because I wanted a really good text to illustrate odd/even numbers & fair shares. Now, I'm going to have to pull this out of my wish list (where it sat for too long) and put it in my cart! Love your post!

Jessica said...

My daughter cries every.single.time. she swallows a seed. Even though we've debunked the plant in the belly myth, she still can't help it. Thanks for sharing this darling book :)

Little In Betweens
(formerly Teach on a Limb)

Kelley Devore said...

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet book! It's definitely on my back to school list! Check out my book this week:
Rocky Mountain Kinders: Book Talk Tuesday!

Katie Knight said...

What a cute book!

Elementary AMC said...

Love this post - it felt like a Reading Rainbow video- and it made me want to get this book! Thanks!

Linda said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing!

Down the Learning Road

Lory's Page said...

Darling post... I'm on my way to purchase it ;) xo
  Lory’s Page

Amber said...

LOVE this book!
Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love

Shannon L. Bryant said...

Oh my, what a cute one!!! And love the felt!!!! <3, Shannon

Lisa Cronin said...

Such a super book! It actually has a Mo Willems-like quality to it. I can't wait to use this--saving it to my Amazon wish list right now!

Primary Explorers

Deanna Jump said...

This is one of my favorite books and it is the perfect book to compare and contrast with, What's so Terrible about Swallowing an Apple Seed?