Interactive Science Jouurnals

Interactive journals, better known as interactive notebooks, are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive journals for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind interactive journaling is to keep students organized and assist in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, notes, graphic organizers, and reflections. Overall, interactive journals are one of many important components to promote student learning!
I created the journals to meet my former district expectations, including a student and teacher side of the journal. Each district is different and many have specific expectations. Mine is no exception to the rule. I currently teach off the gradual release. One page from this file can be stretched over several lessons. It’s not intended to complete both teacher and student portions in one day. Expect to work on the teacher side for several lessons before the student side is addressed as an informal assessment.

 Space/Technology Science is available in the bundle
I worked to complete science journals for Physical Science, Earth Science, Space/Technology Science, and Life Science throughout this past school year.  Each are available as a separate download or bundled today for a 20% discounted price. 

Here are a few examples of my files in use this past year...


  Bottom left picture isn't a component in my journals.

My kids were over-the-moon about taking their journals home at the end of the year.  I was floored by the feedback from one of my parents.  Her comments brought me to tears.  She mentioned her son (the sibling of my student) brought home a journal that was challenging to read and understand.  I can relate.  Over the years, I've had a hard time understanding journals, too.  We've all seen the child that without guidelines manages to write their words in circles.  I do appreciate those kids but having a uniformed response makes checking for understand a little easier.  With my interactive journals, the kids are keeping a table of contents, numbering pages daily, gluing in content focus, and interacting under coordinating flaps.  Organization happens naturally.  With a little instruction at the start of the year, kids understand the expectations within weeks.


Nicole Alderson said...

I do an all-inclusive interactive journal in my class. I've tried doing Science/Social Studies together and then a Math/ELA one separately and it was too much to keep up with!! I love having it all in one place...and I totally agree with you- the kids are over the moon about them! They beg all year to take them home! This looks like a fabulous resource Cheryl!!

Becky said...

I am excited to try these next year! Can you share how you organize your materials?

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