Bucket Fillers

Having a positive classroom climate contributes to a high functioning, student led classroom.  To ensure my class is successful in communicating, I begin my year teaching the kids what it means to be a good citizen.  I use a unit from A Year of Many Firsts to teach the concept.
Lyndsey's Back to School for First Graders {Friends in First} has wonderful posters and activities help guide my lessons on character traits and citizenship.  Respectful Rachel, Responsible Ryan, Ready to Learn Robert, and Really Safe Rita were featured and referenced throughout the entire school year.

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Building good character within the student body contributes to an encouraging, helpful, and compassionate group of young individuals.  To monitor and motivate, my class participates in Bucket Filling.  Carol McCloud, author of Have You Filled a Bucket Today, first heard the idea that a 'bucket' represented a person's self-concept or emotional health at an early childhood conference in the 1990s.  Since her publication, she has released several different versions of Bucket Filling Books.

Once we have a strong understanding of Bucket Fillers, I set up their own bucket in the classroom.  My displayed was hung on the back of my office door using a clear shoe holder.  Since my kidlets are still growing, I found it's easier to start the buckets from the bottom to the top.  To encourage positive, meaningful Bucket Filling, I have a SECRET Bucket Filler of the week.  This person is selected on Monday.  On Friday, if they've written notes to at least 10 different classmates with meaningful commentary then they'll get to eat in class with a buddy!  A little motivation never hurts, right?


Following the introduction to Bucket Filling, I used Cara Carroll's suggestion of reinforcing the concept of Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers with the beloved books, No David.  Read her post here.

I just love Bucket Fillers.  Implementing Bucket Fillers has never been so sassy!  Provided in this 30 file are several print options to meet your classroom needs. 

The file contains a single page of colors with 4 buckets per page. Colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Blue Green,  Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Gray, and White.  This option allows for you to pick and choose your color options or select all white to save on ink.


Also provided are pages with the rainbow colors just in case you wish to mix it up a bit without wasting the ink on additional buckets in each color.


I provided an adorable Bucket Filler pennant to hang above your display.  The same graphic is provided on the notes page for a matching classroom system.



This file is editable with highlight fields.  Please read instructions carefully when creating your editable buckets!


My sweet friend Alisha from The Bubbly Blonde has a cute freebie I plan to use this year.  This will provide a bit more background for Bucket Filling. A link to her post is provided in the graphic below.

With all the resources available today, I encourage you to look at Bucket Fillers and find whatever resources are right for you!


Becca Adams said...

I love the bucket fillers system! I have used it in my class for a few years and am ready for some freshening up. I will be adding your pack to my class! I checked the link for for your friend's page, The Bubbly Blonde, and her link for the Bucket Filler pack is not working :(. Hopefully it will be up and running soon! Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

Mrs. Saoud said...

Becca, I just had Alisha check the file. The link is working again.