Top Ten Summer Plans

Only two more weeks until my summer vacation begins.  Oh my, I cannot wait!  As with each summer, I have more planned than I can pull off.  Endless lists that pile up throughout the 180 day work cycle are beginning to haunt me.  My husband isn't as eager because this means he must get his rear in gear! 

1.  Crash Course

I started reading Crash Course by Kim Bearden, co founder of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  This inspiring true story of Kim's experiences with her students and the life lessons she learns to help others find joy and success.  I have to pry myself away from the book!  

In addition to diving deep into Kim's book, I have scheduled a trip to the RCA to see a music performance and observe teachers in action.  To be honest, I'm eager to slither down the all-to-famous slide! 

2.  Orange is the New Black

I'm officially on "ORANGE" watch as I await season two to begin!  Piper Chapman is an upper-middle class, educated fish-out-of-water in the low-security women’s prison. The shows complex, intersecting story lines keep me coming back for more!

3.  ESOL Endorsement

I'm working through my ESOL endorsement with a class each year for the past four years.  I can see the finish line as I complete my remaining credits for completion this June!  

4.  Cross Fit Craze!!

If you read my blog for some time, you know that CrossFit has been a house hold topic for years.  My husband and I started training back 7 years ago.  We have officially begun transforming half our garage into a real gym.  It's insane.  Squat Racks, Weights, Kettle Bells, Box Jumps, Ropes, Pull Up Bar.  THE WORKS.  He plans to get me competition ready. 

5.  VEGAS Baby

I'm heading back to Vegas for my third summer in a row.  I cannot wait to see sessions with both SDE and TPT.  I plan to make this year more about the social than the scholar, so you will catch me chatting, swimming, and shopping for the majority of this trip!  

6.  Photography Class

My hubby purchased a Canon Rebel a few years ago.  It was a "MUST HAVE" but seems to sit in my beautiful camera bag awaiting the dust to be blown off.  I love the images but overwhelmed by the features.  A bump of a button sends me into a tizzy as I frantically find my flub. 

7.  Perfectly Persian

We recently loss our 16 year old fur baby.  My hubby and I think we will be ready this summer to search for our next feline friend to snuggle. The above photo isn't our lost baby rather like the one we want to make a Saoud.

8.  Social Studies Interactive Journals

I've had so much success with my previous Interactive Science Journals, I've begun creating Interactive Social Studies Journals. I'm honored by the numerous requests for them!  It's been a labor of love for two months and hope to be finished by mid summer. 

9.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I grew up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I had the game for my Nintendo 3, watched the cartoon, wore a costume.  It was all the rage.  We don't go to movies very often but we do attend a blockbuster a few times a year!  This is top on my summer blockbuster list.

10.  My True Love

 With all the hustle planned, my main goal is to spend time with this handsome fella.


Bridget S said...

I am envious of your Cross Fit gym :) That is awesome!!! I hope you have a great summer :)

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Shelley- TheWriteStuffTeaching said...

Hi Cheryl,

Cross fit - wow you go girl. Post some pics of your gym when you get it done! (With your dusty Rebel). I think all us teachers are cut from the same cloth: new big cameras (mine's a Nikon and a bit dusty), fitness (pilates for me) and TPT! Woot woot!

I'm looking very forward to meeting you in Vegas!
:) Shelley

Gladys said...

Sounds like you have planned the perfect summer!! ;)

Linda said...

This looks like a wonderful summer! I promised myself I would learn how to use all of the features on my camera this summer too, instead of being afraid of them! Ha! I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Vegas!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

That's awesome that you get to go to the RCA! Have a great time!

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Jamie knefely said...

I loved reading your Top 10! Thanks for sharing!!


Linda said...

Love Orange is the New Black! I am counting down the days too!

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