It's been a hot minute since I posted but if you are following my facebook and instagram accounts, then you've seen all the happenings in my classroom for the past several weeks! 

Here's a visual recap of our two weeks thematic unit on OWLS...

 Setting Created
 Guided Drawings. See more on my guided drawing board  Pinterest board!

Mask, Gloves, and Goggles {Just for Fun}!!

Eww!  We found treasures in our owl pellets!!!  
You can buy the pellets at www.obdk.com.

Please link here to watch a video and listen to the kids 
excitement while dissecting owl pellets!

Simply Skilled in Second has a wonderful Flip Flap Book!

I sent my gifted student home with a pellet.  
This is what he brought me back the next morning!

As previously shown on the blog, we also completed a few other owl activities...

 {click images to link}

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