Kindergarten Theme 3 Focus Walls

Kindergarten Theme 3: Selection 1

Kindergarten Theme 3: Selection 2

Kindergarten Theme 3: Review Week

I'm working to complete Kindergarten Theme 4 now and will upload as soon as it's complete. To find all my focus walls "become a sleuth" and look for the focus wall label on the sidebar. You will find a full set of 2nd grade focus walls in my store. These stories align with HM Reading my district curriculum resource!


kinderdiva said...

Thank you! I just moved to K from 1st - thank you for sharing these awesome resources!!!

Luv My Kinders said...

You are so awesome for posting these great resources! Thanks so much! I just moved to Kinder and these will really help. Not trying to complain, I couldn't get the Theme 3, section 2 to download. Is it possible to have you email me that one?? If your too busy no worries! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

A HUGE thank you for sharing these. With moving to the CC and having older materials.. you have helped show how they still meet those standards.
Luv My Kinders... you need to log in to scrib and they are all there.

Luv My Kinders said...

Thanks for the tip! Got it now, I am a little technically challenged at

Mrs. Saoud said...

Thanks ladies,

I didn't realize the embedded code didn't work but it's reloaded correctly!