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Are you a Google Connect Follower?  Do you regularly visit my blog by reading through Google Reader?  Are you aware it will all end on July 1st?  Oh man, I sure hope you have back up plans because I'd hate to be disconnected!

I've taken steps to help with this transition.  I signed up for Blog Lovin' last year.  This site allows you to read post the way Google Reader allowed you to keep up to speed with all your favorite blogs.

Need a few tips?

Sign up for Blog Lovin' (link embedded in image).  Click 'import your favorite blogs from Google Reader'. Once you click the blue import button, you will be prompted to enter your blog address and additional information.  It only took a few minutes for my blog roll to transfer.  Blog Lovin' even made blog suggestions similar to the bloggers I already follow.  The suggestions were a bonus because I found some real gems!  I bookmarked my Blog Lovin' account to access the reader quickly.  You can even download an app for your iPhone or Android. Nice right?!?

If you are not a Blog Lovin' kind of guy or gal, you can also join me on Google Plus.  Keep in mind that this doesn't allow you to import your blogs.  You will have to find friends or blogs to join your circle.  The only way to stay up to speed is hoping your favorite bloggers select the Google + button at the bottom of their post and share with those that follow.  Confused.... No Worries, I'm still working it all out in my mind too!  It's not as scary as you think.  You just need to spend a little one-on-one time with Google + and open your mind to a little change.

I'm a picture kind of gal. Are you? I find it quick, easy, and fun to stay up to speed with my favorites through viewing their images!  It's been nearly a year and 1/2 since I joined Instagram and I'm in love.  Another social website that gives you a glimpse into the lives of your friends, blogs, and shops!  Seriously, I've gotten myself in LOTS of trouble with the MR. after following a few boutiques.  They post nearly 10 pictures everyday of CUTESY outfits that are my weakness.  I'm tempted by every maxi posted. I try not to share all my photos on my FB fan page or my blog so that it's interesting visiting my Instagram account!

I'm on a roll so why stop?  If you've followed my little ole blog for a while, you are aware I can be found on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.  I'm certain tutorials aren't needed here!  If so, send me an email and we will chat! 



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Sara Connell said...

Thanks so much for these tips! I set up my blog lovin' account last week but couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting my favorite bloggers updates. Thanks to you, I figured out why! I missed the importing step. Now I am all set up! :) Thanks for all your tips!
First Grade Funtastic

Kate said...

I LOVE the ipad photo app you used to show off your social media sites! Too cute! I'm off to download a new app! :)

EduKate and Inspire

Diane said...

Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware about the changes. I guess because I was so busy with teaching until just recently. I appreciate your step-by-step instructions. Now, I'm off to following your instructions.

The Teacher's Jungle