Butterflies in Daily 5 and CAFE Freebie!

Happy Saturday!  I had a special request from a lovely lady who purchased my decor set.  She asked to have Daily 5 and CAFE posters added to match the theme.  I just completed the request and uploaded the file to my store as a freebie! This file, as with all, is a labor of love.  If you download, please take a minute to rate my product! 

If you love the file, click the first image to link for my Butterflies in Daily 5 and CAFE freebie.  If you are interested in the decor unit, I have large visuals available to view by linking to my blog post (here).  The graphic below will take you to the unit in my store!


Christina Bainbridge said...

Ok. I read your title "Butterflies in Disguise" and immediately started singing the "Reading Rainbow" theme!

Butterflies in disguise... I can go twice as high! ;) HAHAHA!

*Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

Danielle said...

These are adorable! I haven't decided on my theme for my room this year, but am seriously considering snatching up all your adorable Butterflies in Disguise stuff! Thank you so much...I left you feedback on TpT, too :)

Carolina Teacher

Han Yf said...

hi, you've done a great job,thank you!!