Five for Friday

I might actually slide this post in on Friday, only minutes before Saturday begins!  Here's my week in review...

This week was Police Appreciation Week.  As a wife of a police officer, I decided to use Mrs. Hoffer's cute mini unit to inform my kids police officers.  We read Officer Buckle and Gloria which is one of my favorite stories!  In addition, we watched the Brainpopjr video on Community Helpers.  With a collection of ideas from our learning, we complete our can, have, and are chart.  The final page of the book contains a class photo of the kids wearing their police hat.  They have been successfully sent to various stations and units across my city!

This week was filled with excitement.  We dove into our newest core centers, putting to work our addition and subtraction strategies and tools.  Place value blocks were a blast. Click the first image to see additional previews.

I just love their little minds at work!  The video camera was a hit this week.  I pulled out the video again during our daily sight word practice.  You can grab the freebie here.  Before playing sight word games, the kids review their sight word rings.  Take a look...

We also worked on our school wide book of the month. A stuffed python was given to each teacher to build excitement for the new book. We will have a snake assembly in two week which is over the top exciting. Verdi has been the talk of my classroom for days and our Kindergarten hallway is growing full of responses and bulletin boards full of bright colors. 

 The talk of the week went to our bean seed which began sprouting.  This process began a few weeks ago.  We hung our seeds in the window.  Each kids received several seeds.  At first sign of rot, I pulled the seeds from the windows.  The kids looked their seeds and their teams seeds.  Luckily most had one seed that began to grow roots.  After observations and creating a journal entry, the kids planted their seeds.  This week we started to see sprouts.  During this process, I had one of my seeds hanging in our reading room.  The kids came to some great conclusions on why it only began to grow roots but not showing signs of sprouting.  It didn't have nutrients from soil, no true sunlight, no additional water.  Today we arrived with shrieks.  You'd have thought Justin Beiber enter my classroom.  The plants had grow so tall over night!!!

If you've followed on with my instagram account, you've seen some of these images and many more.  If you aren't a follower yet, please link here and check Primary Graffiti out!  The videos were posted earlier this week on my Facebook Fan Page.  There are additional videos that can be seen.  If you aren't a follower and would like to see more, link here.

Okay, I think by the time this post, it will be officially Saturday.  Oops, I did it again!  Sorry, I'm a night owl!!!!  Don't forget that you can link up with Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching each week for Five for Friday too!


Jenny said...

Boy, you've had a busy week! I love all your photos. Enjoy your weekend!

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Gladys said...

I want to visit your always have tons of fun! :)

Bethany Louise said...

You have so many fun ideas! i just started following your blog and I'm super excited to see more! Thanks for sharing!

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Shelley Rolston said...

Looks like we are all having such busy weeks this time of year. My 5 For Friday ended with chocolate...

Looking forward to reading more. You are on my bloogy page because I love reading your stuff!

:) Shelley

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