Five for Friday

1.  Ahhhh, it's Saturday and my prepared post has yet to go live.  Booo!  It was my goal to come home last night and add a few additional pictures before posting Five for Friday.  A turn of afternoon events led to a student breaking their radius and ulna at field day.  Worst nightmare!!!



On a positive note, 18 other students had a remarkable experience.  Here are a few snapshots from our afternoon fun!!!

Notice Gangnam Style Dancing!!!

2. This week began with Cinco De Mayo.  Although time as past, I found a wonderful packet worth a look for next year AND a video that made me laugh!!!!

Gladys from Teaching in High Heels has amazing units for her little learners.  I always enjoy the background support for teaching various holidays which are part of my state social studies standards.  If you get a chance, take a peek, purchase and save, or place on a wishlist!!!  Click graphic to link. 

3. We've been diving into learning about the life cycle of plants.  My kids began with bean seeds which are doing amazing, and planting Mother's Day bulbs for a Gladiolus Mix!  They were thrilled to take home their plantings and painted pots!

4. We truly were in Mother's Day overload this week.  Besides painting pots and transplanting their sprouts, Publix came out with premade cakes for the kids to design.  

While my students were being pulled to design the cakes, I worked with the remaining class on an activity from TpT.  I found a cute file that just so happens to be FREE!  Within the unit, you'll find an acrostic poem recording sheet for the word MOTHER.  The kids and I brainstormed a list of words for each letter. We just so happened to have a buddy group of students from 4th grade that put their brains to work too!  My kinder kids decided which words they'd use to describe their mother and made a torn picture portrait!  They turned out so cute!

Don't you just LOVE!?!  You can find this file from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers!  Link here!  I just love the organization of Jaime's blog.  You can find the link here!

5.  We finally began our Summer Countdown.  The kids are having a blast!!!!  We've checked off Art, Bubbles, Career, Experiment, Fitness, and Game Days.  I don't have pictures of all but I do have the days for ABC!!!  Link here to grab a copy!

 This project come from The Teacher's Wife's Plant Unit!

I hope you had a wonderful appreciation week!  If you have five fun things happening in your classroom, link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs!  


Julie Marciniak said...

What a busy and exciting week you had! Doesn't May just seem to be jam-packed with weeks like this!
I too was overly-submersed with Mother's Day gifts and learning about plants...Your potted gifts will be a huge hit with the moms!
Have a great weekend Cheryl!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Ashley Reed said...

I love the torn paper pics...cute! Poor little sweetie. Hope she gets better soon. I had a first grader break his arm 10 years ago running around some tree roots and, I did you not, it was shaped like an S! I almost passed out. Thankfully they were able to reset it with no surgery.
Visit my blog- Just Reed!

Gladys said...

Awww...your poor little cutie! Hope she heals quickly! :(

So glad you liked the Cinco de Mayo unit..thanks for the shout out! :)

Jenny said...

Cakes and flowers? Y'all were busy! How did you get partnered with Publix? I'm curious about the set up.

Enjoy your weekend,
Suntans and Lesson Plans

Mrs. Saoud said...


Publix is a business partner. A few months before they came out, we sent home order forms. The cakes are $6. This is a yearly thing for our school. It's wonderful. Publix sends out their crew with all the cakes and icing.

Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

I am glad you were able to use the Mother's Day poems with your kiddos. Thank you so much for the wonderful shout out! I think your torn paper pictures were adorable. I hope your sweet little student heals quickly!
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers