MTSS Monday

Have you heard the name MTSS?  Multi Tiered Systems of Support.  Basically, it's Florida's RtI with goals to provide high quality instruction and intervention.  As with the norm, we are to match student's needs with learning rate over time and level of performance to guide instructional decisions!  

The multi-tiered framework is divided into three tiers: Tier 1 includes all students for academics and behavior (daily lessons).  Tier 2 begins a problem solving process which includes interventions to help struggling students.  Diving into the problem solving process begins with an additional 30 minutes of instruction each day!  First you must begin with defining the problem.  Determine why the problem is occurring.  What are steps to that can be taken to correct the problem.  Then we must evaluate the interventions put in place.  Tier 3 begins after per-determined time for corrective interventions has passed and students gain remain minimal. An additional 15 minutes daily, working with no more than 3-5 intensive students at a time, will begin within their tier.

Sometimes I feel like I'm looking sideways at data.  I'm constantly monitoring FAIR, Math Core Assessment, Progress Monitoring, Sight Words, and anything between.  With FAIR and Progress Monitoring sight word heavy for the third administration, I've made this an instructional focus!

I've found a few sight word units that have made significant gains with my kiddos!  The activities within this pack are remarkable.

This bundle is constantly being updated with new books as they're created.
With new creations, the price is adjusted!  Go Check it out Now!

I've also taken the areas of weaker statistics from the 2nd administration of the Math Core Assessment to generate activities for MTSS (RtI) centers!  The kids really dove into their stations today.  This unit was posted yesterday and featured here!

I'm including a few pictures from today!  

And now you can see why I began my post today with the image of Monday exhaustion!


Christy said...

I thought Kansas was the only state to call RTI something different. We call it MTSS too! Looking forward to reading more of your posts on the topic.

Teaching In Oz

Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

Thanks for sharing., RtI is killing us all! I am sure these resources will be wonderful. I can't afford all these great tools. I need to win the tpt lottery for life! Thanks for sharing.
:o) V.
Special Teacher for Special Kids

KinderKapers said...

I LOVE the bundle of books!! I bought extra licenses so I could share them with my team. The sight word packs and your Celic packs look good too.

We have to give 30 minutes each day to what we call "intervention". I always wonder what I am supposed to be doing with the kids who don't need intervening? Ours ends up looking like leveled reading groups between 3 classrooms and a couple of extra teachers thrown in (but since they are for our ELL kids our little guys who need intensive help are not quite getting the help they need). It's working, but it could be better. Thanks for the great resource ideas.


Mrs. Saoud said...

Hi V! I'm know the sight word products are a bit of a pinch. I grabbed mine at the BIG TpT sale so I scored a great deal. Great Lion Lamb Freebie!

Terri, our entire school has MTSS at 915 to 945 each morning. This allows for transitions between classroom to focus on specific skills or movement to the grade above or below! It's one way to ensure the intensive and gifted are provided the support opportunities.

~DeAnne~ said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I appreciate it! :)
First Grade and Fabulous