Sub Tub Preparations!

Taking time off from work can be a HUGE hassle.  Preparing lessons are the worst.  I battle leaving the curriculum and chancing it be taught incorrectly.  I'm such a worry wart and control freak.  Leaving tested items and chancing confusion bugs me, as sweet Abby would say, "12 kinds of crazy!" To combat my issues, I decided to create tubs throughout the year to prepare for those unfortunate days.  

I'm one of 8 teachers on Kindergarten so these tubs come in GOOD use.  I share each and every one.  Once the main tub is created, the consumables are the only thing needing to be reprinted for another teacher or the following year.  

I purchased colorful book bins.  Because I'm a bit OCD, I matched the colors to the theme of the book.  Red=Swallowed a Rose, Blue = Swallowed Some Snow, Dark Green = Swallowed a Bell, Orange = Swallowed a Pie, Gold = Swallowed Some Leaves, Purple = Swallowed Some Books

Remember when I said OCD.  I bag up each lesson in a gallon bag.  I cut and prepare the little pieces and attach them with a paper clip!  It's organization to the enth degree!




In addition to tub preparations, I have an emergency backpack hanging at the front door.  This includes a class roll, emergency procedures, map of the school, district policy, gloves and band-aids, paper, pencil, an extra class set of lunch tags, a schedule, etc.  

So next week I go into surgery and very thankful for having my tubs prepared.  I'm using Swallowed Some Books, Swallowed Some Snow, and Swallowed a Rose.  

The Friday before a holiday I will use my tubs ONLY if I hadn't had to take off near the holiday featured within the book.  I'm grateful I was able to use Swallowed a Pie, Swallowed Some Leaves, and Swallowed a Bell with my class.  We had a blast.  I cannot express how SAD I will be to give up the other lessons.  The kids really enjoy the activities which makes me smile.  

How do you prepare for a sub?


Sara Soucy said...

It's so hard (and stressful) to prepare for a sub. Good luck with your surgery!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten said...

I love this! I have a sub tub with extra activities in case the activities I planned originally go quicker than usual! My worst fear for a sub is not having anything to do with my kiddos!!

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Collaboration Cuties said...

I'm totally with you! I hate being out and I'll go in ill just because I don't always trust that they'll get taught what they need to and how they need it while I'm gone! I'm totally a control freek!! It's probably too much. But I have totally embraced it!

It sounds like you are more on top of it than me! I don't have sub tubs (probably because I refuse to be least in will power but I know that's not realistic!)

Collaboration Cuties

Bridget S said...

Good luck with your surgery!!! I am amazed at how big your school must be- 8 kindergarten classes! WOW! The first school I taught in had 1 of every grade :)

Literacy Without Worksheets

~DeAnne~ said...

Good luck with surgery---prayers and good thoughts.

**I hate planning for a sub, but your sub tub packs are fab! :)
First Grade and Fabulous

Mona said...

I have to confess, I just type out detailed daily plans for substitutes. It takes hours to do. It's unbelievable how many details have to be included. My goal is to have folders of emergency plans for each day of the week. It seems like a daunting task. Your thoroughness and organization is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

First Grade Schoolhouse