Intelligence Bulletin: BOLO Alert {An Information Writing Activity}

Intelligence Bulletin: BOLO Alert provides a unique spin to writing “All About Me” reports. Provided are documents to complete a case file. 

The following page numbers correspond to the planning book created by the students. The page numbers in the unit vary based on activity narrative.

Person of Interest…. .pg 1 (Description)

Facial Composite……pg 2 (Sketch)

Photo Spread……… .pg 3 (Known Associates)

Incident Report..........pgs 4-6 (Canvas of Hangouts) 

Surveillance 7 (Additional Facts)

Forensic 8 (Evidence Collected: Fingerprints)


Sara said...

SO cool! Can't wait to see pics of this in action!!!!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

What a cute idea! Love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Emma Eckert said...

Cute idea! I am starting informational writing after break!!!

~DeAnne~ said...

You have the cutest ideas!

First Grade and Fabulous

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

This looks like so much fun!

Gladys said...

Perfectly adorable! Love it! :)

Charlene Sequeira said...

What a great way to do All About Me.

Charlene/Diamond Mom

Primary Paradise said...

You are so creative. Looks amazing.
Primary Paradise