Five for Friday!

Eek!  It's been a mystery filled fun week!  Last weekend I prepared a file for informational writing.  BOLO Alerts for our Intelligence Bulletin.  We began with Splat the Cat, discussing character traits.  The following day we read Secret Agent Splat.  Hello!!!  It's so cute!

This video helped allow the kids get into the mind of an investigator.  I explained that a BOLO Alert means 'Be On the Look Out for' and can describe lost dogs, suspicious cars, or missing children.  We made connections to missing posters seen for pets in the neighborhood. As the week evolved so did the kids' informational writing!  

Don't you just love!?!

Translated: Be on the lookout for Kendal.  The person of Interest!!!  She is six years old.  She has blue eyes and blonde hair.  She is a kindergartener.

This week we were working on Onomatopoeia.!  I found a free book TpT from Mrs. Mabe.  During my mini-lesson, I had the kids turn their backs to me while I mimicked the sounds from the freebie file.  The kids worked to guess what creates the sounds heard.  Example: Splash, I dumped ice into a full glass of water.  After generating ideas with turn and talk partners, the kids were off to work on their books! 

The second nine weeks came to a close quickly.  I scrambled to get additional brag tags order for our brag tag wall.  I wanted to have a variety of new tags to inspire thinking beyond the standard.  I just love, love, love my collection of treasures.  I've already seen an inpact.  Kids are really practicing their sight words.  Trying to scroll their numbers to 100.  Practicing tying their shoes.  Turning in COMPLETED homework. 

It was only the week before Christmas break that our leaves finally fell from the trees.  Still in shorts, we went out to our seasonal tree and took pictures in the leaves.  Today we had our school wide flag raising in the bus loop.  I've awaited a cold day to take our winter picture, but we are still in the 70s and 80s.  So in our shorts and tanks, with a hint of buds on a few trees, we took our 'not-so-winter picture.  

After an painfully exhausting week, I came home to find a treasure on my doorstep!  My sweet friend, Kacey sent me a "I'm thinking of you" gift!  Seriously, she is a talented lady.  Our one and only... host for the FIVE FOR FRIDAY posts, owner of Doodle Bugs Paper, and Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Love THEM, Sweet Friend!!!!  Thank you!!!

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Stacy Renee said...

Looks like you had a busy but FUN week!

Live Love Laugh and Teach!

Jenny said...

I love the person of interest! So cute!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Suntans and Lesson Plans

Doodle Bugs said...

Y'all were busy busy this week!!! Thankful for everything sweet friend!! xoxo

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Holey moley your inference cute is cute! I've added it to my cart and cannot wait to pick it up in a few weeks when we start with this skill.

Also, I LOVE class books to our library. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Tamra Sarah said...

Love the mystery packet. Also great blog!

EasyKoreanFood said...

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Sara said...

What a fun week! Your ideas are so great and thank you for sharing photos! Its so fun to see all those great units/products "in action"!