Are you ready for a Superbowl SALE?!?

Are you looking for a few Valentine's Day activities?

As well as other goodies!  Actually, my entire store!

A few of my buddies and I linked up together for the BIG Superbowl Sale! 
As if you don't already stalk their stores but in case...

Don't you just love our graphics?  Sweet Amy Lemons has some MAD skills!!


Khrys said...

I am soooooo excited about the sale and am completely stocked up on my wishlist. Many of the "soon to be mine" products are from these fabulous creators! And yes, I am not ashamed to say I am stalking you all :) love those cute graphics! Happy shopping and good luck with your sale!


Sue Cahalane said...

Can't wait for the big sale! I love your ideas & your blog!
Science for Kids Blog

Bridget S said...

So happy the sale is today!!!!

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Maria Manore said...

Hi Cheryl!
Thank you for the shout-out for my solid figures unit! I am so happy that it worked for you and incredibly thankful that you shared it. Your 100th day looks like it was a BLAST!