100th Day of FUN! {Picture Post}

As previously stated, I used two fabulous units from two very supportive friends!  Kathleen from Growing Kinders and Cara from The First Grade Parade.  All activities were a hit and everyone, including myself, went home happy!  Now that is success!!!!


Look at this adorable gift from one of my darlings.  I broke out the smell good from my 100th Day Survival Kit and enjoyed a piece of chocolate which is my FAV!!!  I shared this image last Friday but it's too awesome not to share again!  Be Jealous, Very Jealous!!!

NOW, the countdown begins!!!


Stephanie said...

How cute are those cookies!! Looks like fun! Ours is tomorrow. And yes, I am counting down!!!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Julie Marciniak said...

I see you love the 100 th Day as much as I do! What a great celebration you had! Love your silly face pics!
Your survival kit is my inspiration for next year!

graciegirl said...

Oh sounds like a bundle of fun! Wish I was there to celebrate!!!