Fitness Fanatic

With a degree in Sport Management, a former J.O.B. in Professional Baseball, and a husband that eats, sleeps, and drinks Cross-Fit...I got this one in the bag!  This year I've included several races to my list of must dos of 2013.

More details at The Color Run Website!

More details at The Savage Race Website!

This is a local race and lots of fun!!!!  No further details, sorry!

I know these races aren't typical for professional resolutions.  A girls just gotta have fun, right?!?  AND balance.  

As for the class...

I use a program my district purchased a few years back entitled Adventure to Fitness.  The different activity the kids gain from the 30 minute interactive video is amazing!  They talk about Mr. Mark like he is their P.E. teacher.  A bonus... the program is packed full of social studies and science!  Although I love the program, I'd like to find additional interactive fitness programs that can be used on those "indoor" kind-of days! 

 More details at Adventure to Fitness!

I'm linking up for the final day of Professional Resolutions with Deedee Wills.  You'll have a final chance to win lots of goodies from different teacher bloggers.  The giveaway ends tomorrow!  Don't delay!!!  


The Polished Teacher said...

Those races seem like so much fun! They make exercise seem like playtime! The adventure to fitness program is wonderful too! The children seem to really love it!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

You are amazing! =) I cannot even consider walking two blocks without considering an
(joke) but seriously, I need some of your motivation!
First Grade Blue SKies

Faith Wheeler said...

I love Adventure to Fitness. I think Lakeshore had a few other programs available on DVDs. I wanted to get a couple for rainy days.

Alex Bandit said...

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