All About Numbers

I want to send a HUGE shoutout, thank you to my friend Kim Adsit.  She swooped in for the rescue with her All About Numbers and it's been a H.I.T!

Before working with her unit, I had my kiddos explore clocks, dominoes, and pennies.  In addition to our explorations, we discussed tally marks (attendance) and ordinal numbers (line-up strategies).  

I began each lesson with a counting book.  Then we created a chart whole group.  The kiddos were able to follow-up with their own reproducible books.  



Early finishers were given playdough numbers created by Leslie from Kindergarten Works.  My kinders went nuts!!!


Vanessa said...

Wow! My team and I were just talking about another counting book to use, it's like you've read my mind! We already use the 10 Black Dots but Every Buddy Counts is going in my cart now! AND I am going to get my hands on that number pack! Thanks for sharing!
I'd love for you to join my linky party on Friday called Friday Photo Dump. It's for all those wonderful pictures that didn't make it into your blog posts but you still wanna show off! Hope to see you there!
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Michelle Griffo said...

I love using that dot book...and play dough numbers are my favorite! :)
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