Puffins, Iceland, Oh.My!

This past few weeks, the kids and I have been working hard to learn lots about Iceland.  My school theme this year was entitled "Global Missions".  Each grade level was assigned a continent.  Each classroom selected a country.  I went with Iceland.  

Iceland.  I know!  Why Iceland?  During the holidays, I take the kids on a global mission around the world.  We learn about landforms from different countries and unique customs.  Iceland is unique due to the Atlantic Fault Line running directly through the middle of the country.  Located within the Ring of Fire, this unique place is as small as Kentucky and one of the most volcanic spots on Earth.  Amazing!  

Through this journey, I created my own puffin clipart...

Isn't he adorable!?!

Another reason I decided to dive into learning about Iceland is Geothermal Energy.  With the conclusion of our studies during Earth Day.  My second graders really understood the importance of harnessing the natural energy that Earth provides. 

To understand the force from a geyser, my students used this cool little device to help mimic the explosion.  

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Here is a little mini unit we used for our learning.  Enjoy!!


thepolkadotowl said...

Thank you for sharing your mini-unit, it looks wonderful! I love your clipart!!! So, so cute! You are so talented :)

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

So cute!!
First Grade Blue SKies

lraines said...

I really like your clip art!