The Planet Hue

I want to let you know about an adorable adventure called The Planet Hue.  This book will take students on a magical journey through a world that transforms from a dull and drab planet to a colorful vibrant place to live!

Corkey Hay DeSimone, author of Cherry Blossom Friends, has a unique perspective in celebrating diversity while using three primary colors to help teach the message.

Included in the unit:

Book Introduction pg 1
Vocabulary pgs 3-15
Think Maps pgs 16-17
Solar System pg 18
Planet Classification pgs 19-20
Planet Flashcards/Basic Facts pgs 21-22
Solar System Craft/Model pgs 23-26
Celebrating Diversity pgs 27-28
Color Wheel pgs 29-33
Complimentary Color Art pgs 34-36
Ordering Hues Center(ABC order) pgs 37-40
Rhyming Center (using book vocabulary) pgs 41-48
Out of this World Center (Time) pgs 49-58
(Time to the Hour-K/1 Time to Quarter Hour-1/2)
Planet 8 Center (Number Stings) pgs 59-77
(Match to Correct Sum-K/1)
(Match to Related Multiplication Fact- 2nd)
Planet Hue's Candy Castle (Fractions)pgs 78-90
Acknowledgments pg 91

Click image to link to the store.  Download your freebie preview.

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Erica Bohrer said...

Thanks for the shout out to the contest! Your unit is huge!!! I cannot believe all the work you put into it. Just awesome. I hope your advertise it.