Fox in Socks and The Foot Book Freebie

Today we wore funny socks to celebrate Fox in Socks and the Foot Book for Seuss week.  I searched online for a video of The Foot Book and found this reading of the story.

The kids LOVED his deep voice and expression!

I found this cute freebie on Buggy for Second Grade.

After Seusstastically describing feet with the above freebie, the kids created their own funny feet antonyms.
Flinstone Feet (with warts) and Regular Feet

Animal Feet/Human Feet AND Loud Feet/Quiet Feet

Love Feet, Mad Feet
Bone Feet/Skin Feet

Up Next...Fox in Socks!  Love this book.  We are working on measurement with various units.  The kids are using centimeters, inches, feet and working on 1/2 inches.  The kids got a kick out of the Ginormous Fox in Socks! 

Here are a few pages I made to support our learning.  Hope you find useful!!

Fox-Socks and Foot Books

PS.  I have blog followers from my county and had the GREAT opportunity to go to their school today and observe their classroom.  These ladies are PHENOMENAL teachers!  I really enjoyed both Mrs. McLeod and Ms. Thompson.  My favorite moment was watching the kids play I have, Who Has.  Their kids play everyday.  Students are timed for 3 minutes on their double digit subtraction.  Once they beat the time, their teachers introduce a new I have, Who Has game.  The kiddos broke the record at 2 minutes and 20 seconds!  HUGS TO YOU BOTH!!!  I hope we can meet for lunch in the future.


LYNDSEY said...

Love it all! Cute!!!! Wearing funny socks is an awesome idea to celebrate Dr. Seuss.

How cool that you were able to obseerve some fellow bloggers. What a great idea!

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Awesome share! I love the Fox activities!!

First Grade Blue SKies

vicky1970 said...

thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to do the foot antonyms page...very cute. Have a fun Seuss Day~!
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Jan said...

Thanks for sharing the great activites- love them all!