Book Buddies

A year ago, Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade introduced readers to the Brown Bag Book Club. The idea originated from a workshop Mrs. Carroll attended by Linda Holliman. For literacy week, I'm introducing this club to my class.  I've worked tonight to prepare our bags for the lesson tomorrow.  The kids will read their own story and fill in the graphic organizer.  On Friday we will meet our FCAT buddies for the first time and share our stories.  I also prepared a bag for our 3rd grade buddies with questions so that our students begin interacting with meaningful book discussions.  I couldn't find a printable available so I recreated the sheet and wanted to share.  Although I love wonderful comments, you should link to Mrs. Carroll and thank her for the inspiration. 

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Thank you to all that read my post last night and commented.  Love having my bucket filled.  I will follow up with the winners tomorrow.  I hope you have a blessed night!

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