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I am amazed by the creativity of so many bloggers!  I want to spotlight an activity that I adore!!  Rebecca Rojas of Create*Teach*Share has posted many wonderful activities.  One of her most recent post featured her Boggle Board.  What a fun and engaging activity.

My school allows students to enter the hallways at 8:40.  Students are to remain seated and read a book until classes open their doors at 8:55.  Breakfast begins at 8:30 and we often see our students in the hallways EARLY.  Reading a book for nearly 30 minutes can be challenging during arrival.  

I decided to create my own Boggle Board in the hallway so that students are engaged prior to entering the classroom.  I've decided to choose three weekly words to embed into the board.  I will pull the words from our weekly selections.  They may be spelling, high frequency, or vocabulary.  We shall see who has their thinking caps on early. 

I used Rebecca's boggle letters which is a free download from her post!  I decided to create my board a bit larger and will need to twist her arm to modify her recording sheet.  :)

Each week, I will feature a TOP BOGGLER.  The top boggler will be selected by finding the most words.  A requirement will be that the student also find the three weekly words!  At the end of the school year, I will award the OVERALL TOP BOGGLER a store purchased Boggle game.

For the first week of school, I selected three particular words.
Hint: My bulletin board read: Welcome Treasured 2nd Graders!


Emily at Playground Duty posted Tail Wagging Tuesday.  I couldn't resist adding a video that I captured yesterday on my phone.  My precious Baya will do ANYTHING for a treat.  I have my trainer voice activitated while working with her!  My husband and I get a kick out of this sweet girl. 

PS: Meakah, the white Pekingese, does know how to do all the tricks.  She knew that I wasn't talking to her and was determine to sneak the treat from my hands while I was filming.  Too funny!


froggycupcakes said...

Thanks for the idea to put it in the hallway. I like that and I WILL be following suit! :D

Ashley said...

The Boggle Board is really creative! I like it!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

I love the Boggle board. I can't wait to get back into the classroom and put one up. Incorporating 3 words a week is a great idea too!

Jennifer said...

This is fab girl! Thanks for sharing! We have EARLY kids too. What's up with that?! (But ours come in at 7:30!)

Rowdy in First Grade

meghan said...

I'm a sucker for dog videos! :)


MissL said...

What a good idea, the boggle game and I especially like that the winner gets a real boggle game. I have been seeing variations of this all over pinterest. I have preschoolers though, so a little too advanced for them. Anyways, I just became a follower, so please feel free to check out my blog and leave comments or follow! Also, I will be adding your button soon!

Rebecca Rojas said...

Your boggle board looks great! I love your how, where, and when you are using it. I also like how you are going to have a "top boggler" each week and at the end of the year. I may try that too!!!

Thanks so much for the mention!


K. Robyn said...

Your dog is so well behaved!!!

Lory said...

This is a fabulous idea. I love the look, location and management. Thanks so much for sharing!!
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