Manatees Write by Moonlight

This school year, kids from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade were given an opportunity to participate in an exciting writing event.  Manatees Write by Moonlight was developed by a group of students.  The kids decided to assign a writing prompt at each Full Moon.  Participants could respond to the prompt with any genre of writing.  Once submitted, the kids were called to the front lobby and received a Moon Pie and take pictures with Administration to celebrate.  The writing was scored and a tally was kept for each prompt throughout the school year.  This culminating event wasn't complete until parents, faculty, staff, and students gathered on a  warm May evening to celebrate the authors, look through telescopes at the moon, and announce the winners.  I am so proud that my student, Hayden, won for second grade.  BIG APPLAUSE!!  Today the kids received their writing back and a printed copy of the FIRST EVER... Manatees Write by Moonlight Magazine!

Manatees Writes by Moonlight Magazine

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Deedee Wills said...

Oh My Goodness! What a wonderful idea! Someone went to a lot of work!!! But what an amazing keepsake! LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!

(I think I am a kindergartener... look at all my explanation points.)

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten