Venus Flytrap Fact Book

The kids are eager to learn more about the Venus Flytrap.  I created an Easy Science Reader to provide students with real images!

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Dana said...

Love it! I'm so pumped to get my own Venus Flytrap. Thanks for sharing this awesome info!

3rd Grade Gridiron

Amanda K. said...

This is so neat! I really want to do this next year with my kiddos! I have the hardest time keeping anything alive in my animals/plants. ha ha

Third Grade Experience

Mrs. Scoma said...

This totally looks like something kids can/will really get into!! :)

The only thing - check p. 2, second sentence... while we wish all plants could live in a 'blog,' pretty sure it should say 'bog.' :-)


Steven Shipton said...

A brilliant resource!

Venus fly traps do not grow in the wild here in the UK and have to be carefully nutured.

What amazing idea to stimulate kids' love of plants and nature!