Habitat Food Chains

We completed our Habitats Unit!  For this activity, students had to decide which habitat they'd like to illustrate and then determined the order of their chain.  The kids were asked to write a sentence explaining each stage of the chain. After completion, we linked the chains with yarn and attached to a sun from our ceiling.  I'm thrilled with the cascading look!!!

Brady wrote...
The mouse eats the grass seed.
The snake eats the mouse.
The hawk eats the snake.
A coyote eats the hawk.

Tyler wrote...
The plant absorbs the sun.
The crab eats the plant.
The fish eats the crab.
The big fish eats the little fish.

Devin wrote...
The carrot might think its not going to get eaten but it is.
Crunch! The rabbit ate the carrot.
The rabbit might think its not going to get eaten but it is.
Yum! The snake ate the rabbit.
Now, the eagle won the round!
{Eek, isn't this sooo very cute}

Zemira wrote...
The kelp absorbs the sun.
The sea urchin eats the kelp.
The sea gull eats the sea urchin.
The orca ate the sea gull.
{Ohmiword!  I'm beaming with excitement over the vocab!}

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